VPS server at the "EXTREME" tariff is a high-performance solution that is ready to serve network projects of large organizations engaged in e-commerce, as well as others. organizations that need public or VPN access to network resources. The increased memory of this VPS server will allow you to organize caching systems for high speed access to the web resource, as well as fast operation of loaded databases based on the Linux operating system (UNIX).

Examples of frequent use

  • Leading high-traffic network projects
  • Large corporate Internet servers

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2x2.6 Ghz
4096 МБ
60 ГБ
Стоимость за месяц: 
1 000.00 грн
Стоимость за квартал: 
2 779.00 грн
Стоимость за полугодие: 
4 632.00 грн