VPS server at the rate of "BUSINESS" is a reliable, stable and highly productive solution for self-confident and organizations that build their business on the basis of e-commerce. Increased requirements for access speed with the need for additional memory for the ability to cache dynamic data, as well as the use of modern technologies for designing network services based on the Linux operating system (UNIX).

Examples of frequent use

  • High-traffic online stores
  • Corporate Internet server of a large organization

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2x2.6 Ghz
2048 МБ
40 ГБ
Стоимость за месяц: 
669.00 грн
Стоимость за квартал: 
1 853.00 грн
Стоимость за полугодие: 
3 397.00 грн
Стоимость за год: 
6 177.00 грн